Frantic Entrepreneurs - Get Your Life Back!

Frantic Entrepreneurs - Get Your Life Back!

Frantic Entrepreneurs - Get Your Life Back!Frantic Entrepreneurs - Get Your Life Back!Frantic Entrepreneurs - Get Your Life Back!

About the Book


A Vital Resource for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

This inspiring and groundbreaking book explains why entrepreneurs must escape hard work in order to be successful. 

After working too hard in his first business, the author went into burnout. The problem was that he was doing the wrong type of work. And far too much of it. He had become a prisoner of his own creation.


For hard working entrepreneurs, Freedom Entrepreneur provides a practical step-by-step guide to grow your business swiftly, to do much less work, and to get your life back.


This book enables any entrepreneur - in any type of business - to quickly build their profits and increase their personal freedom. 

Whether you are a hard working entrepreneur or a busy self-employed person, this book will show you how to maximize the value of your business while avoiding burnout.

The reason that people love this book is because it tells you not only what to do, but also how to do it. INVEST in your freedom today!

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About the Author


Peter Carey is the founder of the PDP group of businesses, is the inspiration behind Notes for Entrepreneurs, and is a renowned and motivating public speaker.

 Hard work almost caused the destruction of his business, and it led to him burning out. 

     After re-engineering the business for personal freedom, friends and fellow entrepreneurs repeatedly asked him how the business was continuing to grow while he was working far less and travelling the world. He wrote Freedom Entrepreneur to answer this question.



  "This book is a must-have resource for all aspiring entrepreneurs and for those of us, who even though we've had huge success in business, have had a long and tumultuous journey getting there. This book guides us and teaches us a new and different way. Hooray! A way that doesn't involve so much suffering and inspires joy and satisfaction in what we do and very importantly a quicker and easier rise to success. Thank you Peter Carey! Reading this book was very timely as I embark on a new enterprise - you will be holding my hand all the way."

Louisa Di Lallo - Founder of Salon Express

 "I know Peter Carey runs some very successful businesses, and has a massive amount of freedom, but I didn’t know how he did it. Having read this book, now I know! Peter has been able to write this book because he has learned and applied everything in it and is living proof that you can run a very successful business, not work hard and have great freedom. Thank you Peter for showing what’s possible for all of us.

Nick Williams - Entrepreneurial Mentor and Motivational Speaker

"If you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, or are some way down the road and are struggling with overwhelm and overwork, then STOP! Read this book before you go any further. Peter Carey's book shines a light on all the ways in which hard work can lead you directly away from business success, and sets out in detail each step needed to walk the entrepreneurial path to freedom and success."

Leda Sammarco - Founder of Inspirational Authors Revealed

 "Most business owners set up on their own because they like control but for many the business becomes bigger than them and controls them. This book is an excellent tool-kit on how you fight back. Control only comes when you let go, trust and work through others. The book is packed with ideas, encouragements and examples that shows how this works and will genuinely help you make more money with less effort. Valuable."

Kevin Uphill - Founder of Avondale


      "This is a guidebook on how you too can escape the rat race of running a business, make more money and finally have the time you deserve to live your life fully! I know this author personally and I'm recommending his book to all my clients. Peter talks the talk, walks the walk and lives the dream. This book is essential reading for busy entrepreneurs."

Mark Dhamma - High Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs 

     "I have owned my business for nearly twenty years and am guilty of being the controlling, perfectionist entrepreneur. I was stretched too thin, working all hours of the day, and still couldn't get all my work done. My health was declining and I had no energy to do the things I enjoyed in life. But I couldn't figure out how to fix my problem. The heaven's doors opened after I read Peter Carey's book! I didn't realize how simple it was to gain my freedom back while still running a successful business. He uses simple, yet practical techniques that are easy to implement and walks you through every step to get you to your new found freedom. Beware though, once you pick up the book, you will not be able to put it down, and it gets better and better as you move through the chapters. I also enjoyed how the book had subtle spiritual elements to it that felt like little hidden gems, especially towards the end of the book. Thank you Peter for sharing your wisdom, insight and thoughtfulness with your brother and sister entrepreneurs!

Leila Douglah - Founder of Douglah Designs 

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